Techical Support

At CSN, we understand the importance of accurate, reliable, quality support. CSN’s Technical Support Analyst TEAM is here to help you identify and answer questions in a timely manner. Our extremely knowledgeable Technical Support Analyst TEAM is trained to solve your issues quickly and accurately, always with a smile!

CSN’s dedicated Technical Support Analyst TEAM not only provides you high level support regarding any software issues that may arise, but they also assist with software upgrades, enhancement requests to the system, quarterly in house training and new customer training.

We are proud of our resourceful and efficient support operation. We continue to strive to maintain the highest-level of service available in the market space today.

We make resolution easy!

CSN provides a wide variety of ways that utility companies can get quick and efficient resolution.

There is a vast variety of ways Clients can utilize CSN’s support services. We have a 24/7 Customer Self Web Service site where each client can access our knowledge base, report a concern, submit enhancement requests, and even track online issues as they are being resolved. CSN maintains an attended technical support line for those that prefer to speak with a direct representative. In addition CSN has an automated fax line and email service that is directly integrated into our customer management software. Finally, CSN’s Technical Support Team uses remote desktop access to your environment so that we are better able to assist you.

The CSN Technical Support Analyst TEAM strives to respond to client requests within the hour. Skills-based call routing ensures you are speaking to the analyst that is best suited to answer your questions or solve your issues. The result: our clients will typically have resolution is less than one business day!