Customs Management System (CMS)

CMS enables the companies which trade at global level, by making aware of and comply with legal regulations, and must adapt to customs changes, communicating electronically with customers, suppliers, logistics partners and customs authorities. The Customs Management System (CMS) allows government organizations to automate the global trade transactions, manage large numbers of business partners and documents and ensures that company always complies with constantly changing International legal regulations. Our solution supports global trade activities with the tools which Originations need to participate in the modernized business and electronic means of communication used by government agencies and customs authorities. CMS helps companies to avoid costly delays and financial risks involved with imports and exports, enabling government to react to international business opportunities quickly.

Addressing the global trade properly will not only minimize the risk for companies to get sanctioned but will also increase the competitiveness by taking advantage of the benefits that are offered in that area. There are three global trading subjects on which proper assessment and adequate IT structure can bring a competitive advantage over other companies. Those are,