CSN eCorporation Suite

CSN (City Services Network) enables the Municipal corporations to improve quality of life of its citizens through better administration and rapid citizen services.

CSN- ERP Solution will automate and centralize public service offerings for any Municipality and the solution helps municipalities to manage and streamline day-to-day functions including issuing Property tax invoices issuing, payment collections through POS devices, handling Business operating permits, Building permissions model, registration of birth/death and marriages, City infrastructure development, management of roads, parking, traffic signals and schools. The solution will also streamline health services, water supply and library management among other services.


By implementing CSN technology

Municipalities can formulate, promote and leverage technology at a gross root level for the benefit of citizens in all the aspects of services.

City Services App

CSN provides a mobile app called “CITY SERVICES APP” which enables citizens to access council related services information and stay informed with council. “We at CSN, aim to help local governing bodies to accelerate and connect directly with people and communicate to deliver efficient governance”