CSN-eTicketing System

CSN-eTicketing System, a fully integrated solution to issue instant tickets in different locations like bus stations, parking and traffic though POS machines with utmost automation and analytic capabilities. We offer GPRS and RFID enabled electronic bus ticketing machines to the transport companies to issue the tickets instantly. These ticketing machines are used by conductors/bus operators to input the details regarding the fare, passengers and stage info then machine will automatically print the tickets. The machines can print huge number of tickets that include reports so that it can be checked and inspected by the company’s checking inspectors as and when required. These machines are extensively demanded by the clients as they help in preventing the leakage in the system of ticketing. Moreover, these machines provide ample data and information to the corporation, mainly regarding the passenger boarding, their fare with stage information etc... Our machines also aid these corporations in preparing as well as organizing their schedules in an efficient manner, keeping in mind the traffic demands. They also help companies in rendering adequate concession data that is provided to different sections. The machine can also read the RFID cards issued to the students and special subscribers associated with the corporation to authorise their ride.

Here are the different types ticketing solutions we offer:

1) Bus Ticketing System
2) Parking Ticketing System
3) Traffic Ticket Management System (Metro Police Division)